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The online school for all the relational education you need but didn't receive. 

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Love Education for Singles

Programs and offerings for dating, being single and using this time to create the conditions for an epic life and love story. 

Love Education for Partnership

Programs and offerings for couples who want to strengthen their connection, build intimacy and keep the love alive and thriving. 

Love Education for Breakups

Programs and offerings to help navigate heartbreak, healing and ensuring your heart remains open to a higher quality and better aligned relationship in the future. 

The Power Couple Podcast

Our weekly musing on love, relationships, heartbreak and what it takes to create a power couple partnership. Subscribe on Itunes HERE or Spotify HERE or on our webplayer HERE to catch all our latest and greatest legendary love throw downs! 

Confident Dating Group Coaching Program

Coming Soon! A 6 week online dating curriculum to support you in understanding the blocks holding you back, decoding your love template, understanding your relational needs, the backdoors you might have open that are sabotaging true love, boundaries for dating and relating and the art of filtering, pacing and high quality partner selection. Dating these days is a bit of a wild world, but we're here to help you cut through the crap so you can stop wasting your time looking for love and instead streamline your personalized dating process and align with the person who is best suited for your brilliant heart. 

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Ready To Create Your True Love Story?

We're intent on bringing you all the essential love skills you need while having loads of fun along the way. Learning doesn't have to be lame. In fact when it comes to learning skills for love, dating and partnership having fun and enjoying the process only make it stick faster and more efficiently. We honour the sacred spaces of healing, repair and old hurts while also knowing when humour, lightness and open hearted fun are needed. Stay up to date with all our latest education so that you can create the legendary love you're worthy of.


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