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Love Education for Singles

Programs and offerings for dating, being single and using this time to create the conditions for an epic life and love story. 

Love Education for Partnership

Programs and offerings for couples who want to strengthen their connection, build intimacy and keep the love alive and thriving. 

Love Education for Breakups

Programs and offerings to help navigate heartbreak, healing and ensuring your heart remains open to a higher quality and better aligned relationship in the future. 

The Pleasure Portal

A weekly podcast hosted by Legendary Love Academy founder Kelsey Grant. In these episodes we explore the delicious world of pleasure alchemy, sex and legendary love. Subscribe on Itunes HERE or Spotify HERE or on our webplayer HERE to get all of that magic into your system!

Dating Detox + Pleasure Dating + The Pleasure Coven

Coming Soon!

2021 has some new magic, love and pleasure filled offerings coming your way. Be sure to join the email list to get in on all this goodness!

Dating Detox: When we’re disenchanted by dating, feeling discouraged and annoyed by the same old same old in the dating pool, it’s time for a dating detox. An intentional 12 week container to reset your faith, vitality and open your heart to what it truly desires. Anchored in with practical embodiment tools to find more pleasure, fulfillment and ease in your life and allow that sweetness to flow into the world of dating.

Pleasure Dating: After we’ve cleared the debris of resentment, scarcity and fear from our love blueprints (the work we do in the Dating Detox program) we can open our hearts, minds and bodies to exploring new potential loves from a place of anchored embodiment, pleasure filled radiance and inspired possibility. This program pairs curriculum with weekly coaching calls to amplify your pleasure, radiance and magic.

The Pleasure Coven: Where all the magic lives, grows and blossoms. In this monthly membership we dive into all things magic, sex and pleasure. This is the space to learn the sacred arts of womb magic, orgasmic manifestation, harmonizing with laws of the universe. A modern day mystery school devoted to pleasure arts, priestess paths and the art of sacred sisterhood. 

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