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Visioning For Love Workshop

Refreshing your vision is essential to living an enlivened life.

Fine tuning your vision for love is essential to creating love, partnership and intimate connection that lights you up, turns you on and feeds your soul.

A clear love vision informs where our energy flows.

A clear love vision is a compass that supports knowing what aligned actions to take, what standards to uphold and what boundaries are required to keep the sacredness of your vision vibrant and alive.

A clear love vision can't be interfered with by wonky energy, untamed emotions, and all the doubts of those who don’t share a similar soul pull.

When it comes to calling in your dream relationship, getting super clear on your vision helps to orient you towards the people; places; situations and experiences that line you up with your beloved.

When it comes to restructuring your current relationship, getting super clear on your vision, helps to inform new practices, ways of relating and emotional attunement that supports the upgrade of your relationship.


This is for you if:


• You believe you are the conscious creator of your life and relationships.
• You value integrity, respect and radical self-responsibility.
• You’ve had a series of relationships that you’ve learned from and feel inspired to upgrade the type of person/dynamic you’re calling in next.
• You like to have fun, be playful and laugh.
• You love magic and have a desire to experience more magic, synchronicity and serendipity in your love life.
• You’re looking for a burst of fresh inspired energy to flow through your dating or relating world.
• You have a “what can this teach me/how did this situation help me to grow?" attitude when it comes to love and relationships.
• You're looking to infuse some positive and inspired energy into the area of dating, relationships and intimacy this year and would like a clear roadmap of where you're headed.
• You've done some previous healing/trauma work on yourself and relationships and feel like you're in a really solid place to welcome in new love (or expand the love you're already in).
• You're willing to be an active participant in co-creating a love story that aligns with your hearts desires and are willing to take actions that support the results you want.


This isn't for you if:


• You're interested in remaining fused with the narratives that disempower you when it comes to your relationships.
• You're in an active trauma spiral or currently working through some big T trauma.
• You would rather complain about your love life rather than do something to support the results you want.
• You legit believe there are no good men, women, people left and feel super jaded about relationships.
• You think magic, alignment, synchronicities and joy are BS.


This workshop will be infused with positive energy , soulful pleasure and possibility. There will be laughter, joy, pleasure and connection, so if those are your JAM let's JAM bb's.


I'll be sharing with you a very specific pleasure alchemy methodology I've been using for the last 15 years to call in epic love, friendships and connections of all kinds.


If you're looking to upgrade your relationship it starts with your vision and aligning your emotional energy to this vision. We'll be diving into it all together!


While this session will be focused around dating and romantic relationships, it is a methodology you can use for any relationship dynamic that is important to you.


In this two hour workshop, Kelsey Grant will be dropping in a teaching segment, a creative process for you to play with and open the floor for LIVE Q/A.


What you'll get:

  • Access to the Recorded Live Workshop
  • PDF notes of the entire segment
  • Bonus visioning exercice 

Ready?! Let's Play!