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Vetting For True Love Self-Study Dating Program

Program includes 6 in depth self-study modules (we recommend taking 1-2 weeks with each module, they're jammed packed with goodies) + Bonus content from previous live sessions + future live session Q/A's.

Week 1: Your Love Lens + Sensitivity Superpowers

- Unpack your unconscious love template- the "program" that is actually doing your relational selection and driving your behaviour.

- Connecting your unconscious love template to your love lens "aka what you're attracted to" and aligning what you're attracted to to what is good for you.

- Re-programming the love template to fit your relational dream and becoming truly available to this dream.

- Exploring the roots of your biggest relational sensitivity and why the thing you think makes you unlovable is actually the key to your greatest love story.

- Getting to the core of your relational confidence


Week 2: You Relational Why and Becoming Rejection Proof

- Creating your relational why and the dating why to match

- Clearing out the blindspots to building a life you truly love

- How to unhook from drama and dating situations that don't align

- Bridging the gap between your vision and your reality

- The self-worth foundation for rejection proofing your love life

- Turning your greatest sensitivity (area that has been the trickiest for you in love) into your relational superpower.

- Why rejection hurts so damn much and the critical self-worth reboot required to become rejection proof.


Week 3: Closing Backdoors, Spotting Red Flags and Dropping Drama


- Where are you still holding unconscious baggage or open loops that prevent your true love dream.

- How to close open loops to create the proper environment for true love.

- The blindspots our wounding patterns have us miss and how to bring them into view.

- Spotting the red flags of wounded love, and the red flags of someone who is going to absolutely waste your time.

- Unhooking from the biggest intimacy and relational blockers including: criticism, defensiveness, drama and chaos and judgement.


Week 4: The High Quality Headquarters


- Where the good ones are actually hiding and how to get access to the high quality headquarters.

- The link between living a life of honouring your desires and calling in true love.

- Becoming unapologetically magnetic and radiant in your pursuit of pleasure that makes your soul happy.

- Stop the dumpster diving for love and level that shit up for a gourmet feast of high quality humans AND the secret to opening the floodgates of amazing people to explore and choose from. No more crumbs and scraps here.


Week 5: Your High Quality Standards Filter


- Building your high value and quality standards filter.

- getting clear on your personal, relational and dating needs.

- Becoming a boundary badass.

- How to communicate your essence without tactics, games or manipulation.

- How to stop backing down on your standards and stand up for your true love dream.

- Communication tools to help you filter out misaligned connections and filter in aligned connections.


Week 6: Pacing and Partner Selection


- What healthy pacing looks like and how long it actually takes if you're looking for a long-term healthy partnership.

- What dating milestones must be experienced before committing.

- How to test for alignment in the 5 key areas.

- How to manage the very real excitement to push for premature commitment.

- Navigating sex in the dating phase.

- How to keep all of your "eggs" out of one basket respectfully or if you prefer exclusivity how to do that without getting fused too soon.

- When to have the commitment conversation and more importantly HOW to have the conversation.

- How to end a dating situation that isn't a full hearted yes alignment from a place of kindness, compassion and respect.

Our program is a combination of critical relational education paired with our signature partnership dating methodology we've used to find, align and vet partners in real life.

This methodology has been used in our private practices over the last 10 years to help our clients find and keep lasting love and get out of the dead-end dating scene. 

Ready to call in true love?