8 Week Alchemical Embodiment Journey

Opening, Unwinding and Reclaiming the Energetic, Relational and Emotional Codes to Support Your Relational Mastery Journey. 

What is Embodied Alchemy?


Embodied Alchemy is a movement, energetic and transformative practice designed to support you in coming into a deeper sense of wholeness with your system (being able to more effectively accept all parts of you without slipping into shame or self-loathing).  This methodology smooths out the nervous system by gently releasing stored trauma in your body, slowly and gently resensitizes the system for proper relational responsivity and develops the foundations for deeper intimacy with your emotional system.

The guided practice invites you to explore non-linear movement in a way that tunes you into the body so you are able to stay in your body more often- even when things are hard, upsetting or challenging. When you’re able to stay in your body even when things are challenging, your response ability increases.

The archetypal work we explore in the movement sessions supports you in accessing more facets of who you are in a mannor that trains the body and mind to be in full approval of all parts of you. The more access you have to all the parts and archetypal patterns that you hold, the more nuance and relational depth you're more naturally going to be able to hold.

All healthy relational connection and conflict resolution requires us to be in our body, connected to our emotions, needs and desires in order to communicate effectively. When you have more capacity and resilience around what historically triggered you and popped you out of your system, you have more access to the truth in your heart and the relational mastery that lives deep in your cells.

Without a somatic avenue, the trauma of our relational wounds stay locked up in our system and come out with a vengence when we’re relationally stressed.

The more we deny parts of ourselves, the deeper we drive these parts and patterns into the unconscious where they come out in ways that often disrupt, sabotage or implode the relationships (or opportunities for relationship) we hold most dear.

But the more we work in the realm of the body and provide gentle pathways for locked up trauma and wounding to release, when those inevitable moments of relational stress hit us, we’re able to stay anchored in the body, connected to what’s true and serve the deeper knowing within us...meaning we grow our capacity to be relationally responsive when the old impulse is to be reactive.

Embodied Alchemy is the vehicle to support you in unwinding all the old patterns, trauma and wounding so you have more space for truth, love, connection and fulfillment.


Each Series Is A Uniquely Coded Alchemical Experience.   

Informed by a channeled energetic code and relational theme, each series is a guided alchemical journey designed to explore archetypal integrations, unwind relational patterns and upload new energetic codes through the vehicle of embodiment alchemy. 

Each series will explore: 

• Exploration of 5 archetypal patterns related to the series theme. Three archetypes are designed to unwind the relational theme, two archetypes support the activation and uploading of the new energetic code.

• Weekly relational transmission teachings paired with a guided movement practice. The physical practice is designed to alchemize the relational theme and invite the upload of new energetic codes through the exploration of different energy signatures, embodied archetypal patterns and non-linear movement.

• 8 activations and practical actions to support the integration of the uploaded energetic codes of each specific series. These activations are designed to assist you in the practical application of this alchemical series into your day to day life and to support the strengthening of your relational skillset.

• Three group coaching sessions (week 3 + week 6 + week 8) to support you in upgrading your relationship skills and the embodiment of the codes of quantum love.

*Each session is 120 minutes long (45 minutes of movement on the embodiment weeks).


Upcoming Session Themes:


In this series we'll be exploring:

• The FOUNDATIONAL codes of sovereignty and the art of attuning your frequency to support your personal embodiment of this code.  

• Exploring the origins of the people pleasing pattern, why it developed and how to upgrade from this pattern to more authentic relating.

• Unburdening the shadow from judgement and liberating the parts of you that are ready to be loved back into wholeness.

• Opening to the underlying core needs hidden in your people pleasing patterns 

• Activating the powerful connection available underneath all the "nice person programming"

• Opening the portals of honest, direct and relational communication.

• Unwinding "nice people programming" to reveal more truth, love and possibility.

• Navigating the necessary boundaries to uphold sovereignty energetics in your relational containers.

• Opening to deeper connection through the activation and reinforcement of true desire. 

• Unblocking the pathways that impact our ability to be in full approval of our deepest, truest desires. 

• Understanding the connection between playing out people pleasing and the avoidance of true intimacy.

You do not need to be in a romantic relationship for the potency of this series to impact you. Relationships of all kinds are impacted, upgraded and transformed by the codes of sovereignty and withdrawing our investment from old people pleasing and nice person programming.  


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Each Session Combines


A channeled teaching segment to introduce the relational code, the archetypal energy and the relationship between them.

Guided Alchemical Embodiment Session 

45 minute guided alchemical embodiment practice to explore the relational code and archetypal energy in your body system.

Digestion, Discussion
and Integration

To complete the session's alchemical process, following the embodiment portion we reconvene to digest, ground and seal your practice.

Invitation + Expectations


I invite you to open to and trust the deeper knowing that brought you here.

I respect your sovereignty and trust in your agency and capacity to choose the medicine, tools and guides who are of greatest aligned service to your journey. 

Because this is an alchemical journey it requires you to enter from a place of full sovereignty, choice and radical self-responsibility. 

My spaces are clear, energetically potent and deeply alchemical. But to ensure the potency of the container I must be very clear about who this is and is not for. If you identify with anything in the list below, trust your knowing and do not enter into the space. If you don't identify with anything in the list below, trust your knowing and proceed with the process to enter the container.

Do Not Sign Up For This Journey if:

• You're looking to be fixed, saved or coddled.

Radical self-responsibility is offensive to you and you have a hard time not blaming the external for your internal experience.

• You are currently in active trauma. If this is the case my invitation is to find an appropriate therapeutic container to support your system. 

• You're not called to heal and reclaim your relationship to the divine feminine principal within you.

• You're going to be confronted by spiritual teachings on divine feminine, sacred masculine and divine union. I don't teach from a gendered lens, I teach from an energetic lens. I do use the language of masculine, feminine, sacred union and if this will upset your system, honour what's true for you and do not enter a container that will only upset you.
• You're not committed to the transformative path that is embodied alchemy.


This Container Will Be Of Service To You If You're a YES to the following:


You know aren't a problem to be fixed and you're currently following the call towards mentors and guides who relate to you in your wholeness. I'm not available to collude in stories that keep you disempowered, disconnected and helpless. If that feels like a YES to you, Welcome!

My role is to channel transmissions that are in service to love, truth, magic and divine union.

I'm here to guide this practice, create a potent container coded with the energetics of the series and serve the deeper truth within you. This means I will relate to you as a whole, complete, emotionally healthy adult. 

I expect you show up in full agency and take radical self-responsibility for yourself, your experience and your outcomes.

We will be working with non-linear forms of movement and exploration which invite deeper intimacy with your system and require you to be connected in your body and responsible for exploring within a range that honours your system. 

Each series is intentionally designed to support the integration of your wholeness however that is meant to look for you at this stage of your journey.

In this space we work through a divine feminine lens to explore the welcoming home of all parts of you. Through the reclamation of the divine feminine energetics in your system, we open the portal to divine union between all that is, all that is you and all you desire to create within partnership. 

This container is open to all those it resonates with. My relational teachings in this container are focused on energetics, emotional codes and practical relating skills which apply to all relational forms and all humans desiring deeper love, sacred union and embodied magic. 

I'm IN

Investment For Embodied Alchemy Series 


Your registration to join this 8 week journey is

$444 USD (payment plans are available). 


Payment plans for Embodied Alchemy Series:

2 x $222 USD
4 x $111 USD

Scroll further down to access those options.

There is a no refund, cancellation, exchange or transfer policy with this series.

Before you enter, make sure you're a yes. I trust your agency as an emotionally competent adult to understand the agreements of this container as outlined above.

If you can't make the live session each session is recorded and available to access in your community space.

Following your registration you will receive a welcome email with everything you need to prepare for our first session. Keep an eye out in your promotions tab/spam/junk if you do not see it within 48hrs of registering your spot. It will be emailed to the email address you use to register. 

Call access will be emailed to you directly the day before the series begins.

Replay access will be available in the community space a few hours following the completion of the live session.

I'm Open and Ready. Sign Me Up.

Session Schedule

* Sessions are Wednesday's 12-2pm to accommodate all of our international babes!*

Dates + Session Times


Session 1: August 24th 12-2pm PST

Session 2: August 31st 12-2pm PST

Session 3: September 7th 12-2pm PST (group coaching call)

Session 4: September 14th 12-2pm PST 

Session 5: September 21st 12-2pm PST

Session 6: September 28th 12-2pm PST (group coaching call)

Session 7: October 5th 12-2pm PST 

Session 8: October 12th 12-2pm PST (group coaching call + completion embodiment journey *30mins*)

Registration will remain open for this series until August 28th. 


Payment Plan Enrollment

Option 1: 2 monthly payments of $222 USD

Option 2: 4 monthly payments of $111 USD

Option 1 Payment Plan HERE (2x$222)
Option 2 Payment Plan HERE (4x$111)

Embodied Alchemy Membership

The EA membership is for those who are desiring more frequent embodiment session access.
Membership is a minimum 6 month commitment. 

The Membership Includes:

• All monthly drop-in classes

• All current EA Series 

• Library of all past drop in classes + EA Series classes

• Access to all live community call teaching transmission sessions.

• Library of all community call teaching transmission recordings. 

• Private community space for digestions and connections.


Embodied Alchemy Membership Registration: $111/month (usd)

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